Программа “Секреты недвижимости”. Эфир 19 марта 2022. Выпуск 74

Ведущая Наталья Грищенко. Эксперты Алекс Мошкович и Максим Багинский о ситуации на рынке недвижимости в марте. Несколько правил здравого смысла от наших экспертов Максима Багинского - основателя портала http://NewGtaCondos.com
и президента компании Right At Home Realty Investments Group Brokerage и владельца компании "Royal LePage Terrequity Capital Realty Brokerage" http://CapitalRealtyBrokerage,com Алекса Мошковича.
На YouTube канале #newGTAcondos и #RealEstateForCanadiansTV вы найдете много ПОЛЕЗНЫХ видео по теме инвестиций в недвижимость: https://www.youtube.com/AlexMoshkovich и https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIdq...
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Максиму Багинскому Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewGTACondos/
Алекс Мошковичу Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TorontoRealE... -☎ To Call Alex Moshkovich: +1 647 459 9459 Email: TorontoInvestorForum@gmail.com -☎ To Call Maxim Baginsky: +1 416 832 8343 -Email: mbaginskiy@gmail.com Online Appointment for Alex Moshkovich https://calendly.com/torontoinvestorf... Online Appointment for Maxim Baginsky: https://calendly.com/newgtacondos/str... Founder of NEWGTACONDOS Maxim Baginskiy and other real estate experts share their real estate secrets. How to buy real estate in the GTA and how to invest in the Toronto real estate. Watch it now in Russian, translate it if needed, share it with your friends and inspect top condo deal at NEWGTACONDOS.COM Founder of TORONTOINVESTORFORUM Alex Moshkovich and real estate investor and coach share strategies how to invest in real estate to get several sources of income. He has the step-by-step proven systems and strategies how to make thousands of dollars in positive cash flow from real estate and how you can start applying them today! To register for the next free webinar: http://TorontoInvestorForum.com

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